Hooray! No more flame ups. Bottom of pit stays clean. All even heat through out the pit. 
I am glad I bought this product.

John S., St. Louis, MO

This is my second Flamette. I hope I never have to be without one. 
Thank you for your prompt efficient service.

Paul B., Elkton, MD

We love our Flamette. I've never cooked without a water bottle, but with the Flamette 
there's no need. I can't imagine ever cooking without it.

Jim C., Dubuque, IA

Had one and loved it, had to buy another one for new grill. 
Can't cook
without it. Good product! (USA Made)

Ted R., Jr., Cuba, MO

Thank you for such a good product! The Flamette turned my stainless steel grub burner into a fine gourmet grill. Now food cooks slowly and evenly. I can turn my back without having food catch fire and blacken. The whole grill has an even temperature and totally changed my grill's effectiveness.

-Brian N.

Whoever dreamt this up deserves a kiss!

-James M. After purchasing a 5th Flamette

I have been using a Flamette for the past four years, and I think they are wonderful. I can put my food on my grill, walk away and not worry about any fires, or burnt areas even with the grill set for high temperatures. This product does exactly what they say it will do.

Thomas M.

I just received my Flamette. My first endeavor was a two inch thick fillet mignon. There were no flare ups, not one! It was the first thick steak I've ever been able to grill without burning the outside and leaving the inside raw. Thanks for making Flamettes! I know someday I'll be needing another Flamette from you. I wish you a long and prosperous business.

David A. -Delavan , IL