Troubleshooting and Tips

If you are having problems with your , try these troubleshooting tips:

 1. Clean out any residue left in the bottom of your gas grill
 2. Remove any and all briquettes or lava rock from your gas grill
 3. Remove any metal shields covering your burner
 4. The can be supported on a wire grate or notches inside grill
 5. Pre-heat your gas grill 5-10 minutes on HIGH with the lid down
 6. Turn your gas grill down to LOW, lift lid, put food on top of wire grate, put lid down
 7. Position your food so that it does not hang over the edges of the
 8. If cooking with beer, baste it on - do not pour directly onto the food
 9. Check your food periodically to see how its doing
10. Do not overload your grill, always cook with the lid down
11. Wood chips can also be used with your . Soak your wood chips per
       manufacturer's instructions and place in metal container on top of the

PLEASE NOTE: Cracks are normal and are part of the curing process and are
not to be misconstrued as defects.

If you have any further questions about your , feel free to contact us.