: Family Owned and Operated

Since 1986, the headquarters for Flamette Inc. has been located in Cedar Hill, Missouri. The is currently being marketed nationwide, through various retailers, distributorships, dealers, catalogs and last, but not least, word of mouth. We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service, as all of our products are designed, engineered and made in the USA

are manufactured in Missouri, the "SHOW ME" state. So let us show YOU that we really mean business when we say that our are truly a BBQ Lover's Dream!!! Are you tired of all those "OLE" gas BBQ grill flare-ups? Then what YOU NEED is a !

The is a one-piece ceramic insert that replaces lava rocks/briquettes and is designed to eliminate grease fires and flare-ups in your gas barbecue grill.


10 Reasons why YOU should buy a today!

  • Replaces Lava Rock/Briquettes
  • Reduces Gas Usage
  • Increases Life of the Burner
  • Enhances The Flavor of All Your Favorite Meats
  • No More Babysitting Your Gas Grill
  • Creates Evenly Heated Cooking Area
  • Easy to Install
  • Made In The USA With Pride
  • Great for Gifts
  • One Year Limited Warranty



Flamette Inc is a manufacturer of Flamettes
and Ceramic Briquettes for Gas BBQ Grills

OEM, Distributor and Dealer inquiries welcome!